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Ansys AIM software package for students

    • surajtalele

      I have installed the ANSYS AIM software package on my laptop.

      1.But, I can't find the FLUENT software on standalone basis. I saw the workbench, but can someone guide me in how can I open FLUENT or any other solver on its own without it being bundled with workbench?

      2.Also are ICEM CFD and Gambit part of Ansys family of products?

      3.When I download Ansys AIM, do I receive all these software also?

      Please help me with these issue. Thank you very much.

    • peteroznewman

      AIM has a much simpler user interface for building fluid flow models than the traditional Meshing/Fluent user interface.

      If you want that traditional user interface, then install ANSYS Student 19.0.  You can install alongside AIM and have both.

      ICEM  CFD is an ANSYS product but is not included in the Student license. I don't know what Gambit is.

      AIM has many systems to build models.

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