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ANSYS APDL How to create contact conditions properly

    • Peddy


      as a mechanical engineering student I got the project to simulate the displacement and the stress in a shaft-hub connection while it is mounted via thermal adding. It means that the inital temperature of the shaft is about -4°F and the inital temperature of the hub is about 392°F. After pushing them together the temperatue of both parts is getting 68°F. Because of the thermal expansion the two parts stuck together.

      Now to my question:

      I can´t define the contact between shaft and hub properly. I did it with the contact manager where I picked the edge of shaft as target (line) and the edge of hub aus contact (line). I use PLANE42 as element type. After the solution is done, the result is like in the attachement: the hub penetrates the shaft....

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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