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ansys apdl save method(working directory, job name)

      I am a graduate student doing structural analysis.

      I used a ANSYS APDL as a structural analysis tool.

      I am writing this question about the file save

      For example, after analyzing case1, I saved it. And after, case 2 was also analyzed.

      And after looking at the case1.db file and closing it, later , if open with case2.db file , the result of case1 analysis is displayed.

      That is, the results of case2 are not displayed but the previous file(case1) remains.

      From what I see, it seems to be a problem with the working directory and the job name.
      How should I solve it???
    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      Not sure what you mean by case1 and then case2. Are these load steps? The different results are stored in file.rst. To review results you should use the SET command in POST1. for example
      set,1,1 ! read first load step results
      plns ! display results
      prns ! print results
      set,2,1 ! read second load step results
      plns ! print second load step results
      Sorry. I didn't tell you exactly.

      case1 and case2 are not load steps.

      Let me explain again from the beginning.

      First, for example, for plate analysis, the analysis was saved as working directory: 1 & job name: plate.

      Then, to analyze the cylindrical shell, I changed the analysis to working directory : 2 & job name : cylindrical and saved it.

      And when I open plate.db file to view plate analysis, working directory : 1 & job name : plate is not opened,

      but working directory :2 & job name : cylindrical is opened.

      In this case, how best to solve it?
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