ANSYS AQWA Mooring Analysis – Asking for Terms Explanation

    • le binh


      I'm doing a ship mooring system analysis using ANSYS AQWA (WORKBENCH 16.2. Problems arise when export the results, some of them are not explained clearly in the user manual and theory manual. Hope some of you can help me! 

      Descriptions: my ship mooring system consists of 4 catenary lines of spread mooring.

      1. What is the cable force? (see picture below)

      Insert result: Cable Forces

      2. What is Mooring Sum Only? (see picture below)

      Structure Forces: Mooring Sum Only


      Many thanks!


    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee



      Though I am not the right person to help you, thought of giving you the right contact on mooring analysis. You can request help from "Djatmiko Erlambang" who has done  hydrodynamic diffraction and mooring in ANSYS Aqwa. THorugh the following links are not from ANSYS, You can go through the  links and get some idea on it.




    • le binh

      Thank you!

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