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    • silver06

      I am studying how to simulate the battery overcharging process with ansys.

      I've used the ntgk model, and the discharge results are good, but when charged, errors occur.

      Can the overcharge test be performed with the ntgk model?

      And for overcharge simulation, which of the four models of msmd is the most suitable model?

      Help me please

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      May I know what the error you are getting?
    • silver06
      Thank you for your answer.
      I want to overcharge with ansys and see the tendency like the picture below.

      However, in the case of the ntgk model, the using profile was set to 0.5c and charged, and the results were as follows.

      I applied y,u values by adding discharge test curves of 0.5c and 1c.
      It seems that the graph cannot be expressed if it exceeds a certain voltage.
      I tried using profile and time scheduled under various conditions.
      For example, 0.5c, 1c, and 2c were applied until 4.5v and simulated with a constant c-rate for 1000s and 1500s.
      I also tried using the specific system current or the specific system voltage.
      However, there was no exact result.

      I also tried the p2d model.
      I used the default value provided by ansys and simulated it under similar conditions to ntgk.
      The pictures below are the results.
      The problem is that it diverges immediately after about 4.5v.
      And the time it takes to run away is much shorter than it really is.
      How should the conditions be set to determine the battery tendency in an overcharged state?
      And is the thermal abuse model used for open tests regardless of overcharging?
      If it is impossible to confirm the overcharging trend, I would like to know what limitations ansys has.
      Thank you.
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