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    • sumansapkota

      Hello all,

      I am trying to find if we can model the problem of cooling system in a ship in CFX. My questions are:

      1) Is the project feasible in CFX? Are there similar tutorials?

      2) Can we model natural convection in the cooling system?

      Case description:

      The boxcooler is built in a recess located amiship (below the sea level). It has gratings with openings on the side and bottom to allow water to pass through hence flowing in the sea chest (a container) and cool down the second water circuit that’s in the boxcooler. We are not interested in the second water circuit, but only in the sea water that goes inside the sea chest.

      The thermosyphon effect, together with the pressure-driven convention (induced by the speed of the bulk flow), needs to be investigated. 

      Type of simulation:

      1. Monofluid

      We’re only interested in the underwater part. Any effect of the free surface is to be neglected. (Gravitational effects?)

      2. Heat source

      To assess natural convection, it is necessary to model the boxcooler as heat source. Given the fact that it is composed of numberous bundles of pipes, decision needs to be make on how it is going to be modeled from least to most complex: (1) solid block, (2) aggregate of bundle pipes, (3) porous media.


      The geometry consists of 1 boxcooler unit in sea chest with openings on side and bottom.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

       Please contact your local support. Answering this kind of application related questions is not feasible on this academic community.

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