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Ansys CFX Injection definition, Cone Angle

    • Shahab Azimi

      Hello All, 

      I want to define the particle injection in CFX, there is an option for defining the cone angle as shown in the user manual below. But I cannot find where to define the angle in the setings. This option to choose the angle is active in "Cone with Primary Breakup" but not in "Cone" option. Would you guide please. An Example of a Point Cone Using the Dispersion Angle

      This following illustration shows how the optionally specified dispersion angle, , changes the injection type from point cone (Figure 8.4: Point cone with specified cone angle) to point hollow cone (Figure 8.5: Point cone with specified cone angle and dispersion angle). The cone angle is shown as .

      Figure 8.4: Point cone with specified cone angle

      Point cone with specified cone angle
    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Shahab,

      Make sure that when the 'Injection Method' is specified as 'Cone', the 'Injection velocity' option should be set to 'Velocity Magnitude'. Then only you will find the 'Cone Angle' option under it.

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