ansys compiles wrong functions

    • satri

      I have an adjust function which i want to attach as a udf and run for a simulation. I have some parameters in the adjust function which change through the simulation through the define on demand and i run the simulation with the aid of a TUI.

      When I restart the simulation, I put a copy of the original adjust function I created.

      the original function had a parameter dp = 50

      after running 10 rounds the dp value is now 100.

      I want to restart the simulation i put a copy of the original adjust function that i have which has a value of dp=50. when i do this I make sure that I unload the udf, and recompile the udf with the original adjust function. so now why does ansys still take the updated adjust function which has dp = 100?

      why does Ansys still take the changed just function when I restart and run the simulations? I even unload the udf and recompile it every time.

      please let me know why this happens. this is so annoying when you compile a different file and ansys still takes the old files. How do I fix this?

    • SRP


      The updated UDF is being cached: ANSYS Fluent may be caching the updated version of the UDF, even after it has been unloaded and recompiled.

      Are you using linux or windows?


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