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Student Competition

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Ansys Composite prepost analysis

    • Rohan

      Hello People,

        This is Rohan Jere and I am currently working under student solar car project.We design and develop a purely solar electric hybrid vehicle for student competitions.This year we successfully designed and manufactured a Carbon fibre monocoque.

      We used ANSYS ACP for its analysis,but we have several doubts regarding proper use of it.

      So we want help from you all regarding it.

      Especially the student teams of FSAE which are experienced in it.

      Thank you.


    • HelenSE

      Hi Srikrishna,

      have you found a solution to your question? I ran into the same problem I think. After having a surface geometry and a Quad4 mesh I get two errors whn tyring to open the ACP setup.

      I get an error in ACP saying: 'StandardShellView' object has no attribute 'shell' and another error in Workbench saying: 'At least one exception occurred during the refresh that made it impossible for ACP to complete the process'. 

      Do you have the same problem? Or did you find a solution for yours?   


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