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Ansys Design Modeler / Display Issues – Small minimized window

    • tipupanchal


      I have the ANSYS Student version and tried to reopen a Fluent file I had previously worked on after a long time and I noticed that the design window was minimized and was overlapping some of the other buttons. I opened CFD Post and experienced the same issue. The small window that appears seems to be a part of a larger whole picture. So basically it's getting cropped and not just minimized like it's mentioned in some of the other posts online.

      I tried going to Programs(C: )-> Program Files -> ANSYS Inc -> ANSYS Student -> v222 -> Framework -> bin -> Win64 -> AnsysFWW.exe and changing the High DPI settings from overiding at "Application" to "System" and "System Enhanced" both but it has not worked. 

      Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? Attaching images of the Design Modeler as well as the CFD Post screen. Thanks!


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee


      Hi tipupanchal, 
      Are you facing this issue with the specific model, or is it happening with other models too? Sometimes it’s related to the system’s screen resolution too, so kindly use the compatible screen resolution with the Ansys product. Have you also checked the other options available in the DPI setting too? Always try to close the ansys module as you change the DPI setting then open it. 
      I have attached two forum threads below that might be helpful to you.

      Sizing on Ansys Workbench 19.2
      Ansys/Workbench/DesignModeler Display issues







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