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Ansys DesignModeler sketching error.


      When sketching in Ansys Design Modeler, there is a persistent trail left behind the mouse cursor. The trail disappears after drawing a line, but reappears when drawing another line. How can this be resolved? Also, where can the options related to anti-aliasing be found?

    • Mary McConville

      There might be a Windows update or another update that impacts file systems and so affects this feature in ANSYS accidentally. Try refreshing your graphics card driver or rolling back your Windows update to see if it helps.

    • Audrey J. Davis


      I have the same proble with you when I design. However, because it disappear immediately, I have no idea about it. Now, I read your post and I’m also curious about it. I’s great if there is any answer for this issue.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      As has been mentioned it's usually graphics related: update drivers to begin with. It's likely the graphics card isn't on the tested list, so there's a chance it's not going to work due to lack of compute power. 

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