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Ansys Discovery 2022R2 – Structural and Fluid Add-on

    • i.schwarz
      Hello! I have - for travelling only - a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with i7-processor and onboard Intel UHD graphics 620. Due to this Discovery Fluid would not run. That is why I bought the Fluid Add-on, which is supposed to work not on graphics, but on the processor only. However, when I start Discovery Fluid I get the info, that no valid graphic card is available and therefore no run can be started. What is wrong here? Thanks for a prompt feedback. Ingo
    • Atharv Joshi
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Ingo Schwarz

      Discovery requires a dedicated NVIDIA Graphics card even for Refine mode. Please go through the Minimum hardware requirements for Discovery products

      Thanks & Regards.

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