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Discovery Import

ANSYS Discovery Licensing Options for the Current Users of ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise License


    • piotr.komorowski


      I can see that the ANSYS Discovery Ultimate Installer installs separate versions of AIM and SpaceClaim again, despite the fact that both of them have been already installed with the ANSYS Products installation. I already have SpaceClaim and AIM up and running, and licensed within the framework of the permanent paid ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise license. What would be the licensing option for me if I wanted just to add the Discovery Live into the existing portfolio?

      Don't get me wrong but I cannot pay you twice for the things that I already have.

      That would be insane.



    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      As far as the installation is concerned, you can avoid a potential conflict by manually choosing a different installation directory for the Discovery products.  This has to be done anyways with the current release if you intend to run multiple programs simultaneously (i.e. SpaceClaim and Discovery Live).

      This article covers that procedure:

      ANSYS Discovery: Preventing Unintended Changes to User Settings When Launching Multiple Discovery Products

      Discovery runs on a different licensing system from the existing ANSYS products, so some adjustments might have to be made to your license configuration. 

      Your sales rep would be in a better position to answer any specific questions about reorganizing licenses for AIM and SpaceClaim.

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