Ansys discovery live , python and udp

    • seghier


      I use udp in python to send data from Rhino grasshopper to Ansys discovery live

      Is there a better way to keep Ansys receive data without problem?

      aAd is there a way to use Python instead of Ironpython?

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Regarding exporting data from Rhino to Ansys, you will have to check the user manual of Rhino. And no, the python version what we are using is the only one that can be used.
    • seghier
      Thanks RK
      i used this to connect Ansys session to Rhino via python and i success to send command and control Ansys discovery live , i also use python to get some data from the connected session but some tools don't work like this
      and i can't get some data like from calculator (chart)
      SpaceClaim plugin for Rhino only available for Rhino 5, and i need to send data using the session connection feature, i send some commands with :

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