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Ansys Discovery transfer to Fluent

    • michael.chan
      Hi, I am new the Discovery and Fluent. I recently ran a simple simulation on Discovery and transferred it over to Fluent. Based on what I saw, I could not do any meshing, or even adjust boundary condition type (i.e. a velocity inlet defined in Discovery could not be changed to a velocity outlet in Fluent). Is it supposed to be like this, Fluent is literally just used to solve the problem which has been defined in Discovery? Also, I know there is an "Outflow" boundary condition in Fluent, but it is not an option in Discovery? How can I achieve an Outflow boundary in Discovery. Cheers.
    • Charudatta Bandgar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello MICHAEL CHAN

      Will it be possible for you to share the files with me?

      There can be multiple reasons why the transfer of boundary conditions could possibly fail. I would like to know the following to understand it better. You can also go through the transfer considerations to understand what could the reason be.

      1. Which discovery mode are you working in that you are trying to transfer to Fluent. 
      2. Do you have the required license for this? (An export from the Explore stage to Fluent requires a high fidelity fluids license.)
      3. If data does not transfer correctly, you may find more information about the failure in the error log. 
      4. Your version of Discovery and the version of the Ansys application that you want to transfer to must be the same (for example, both applications must be version 2022 R2).

      Also try the other methods of transferring the files over to Fluent and see if it helps. 

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