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Ansys doesn’t work fine – License pool error – Future date files

    • alexeldorado

      Hi, I have installed ansys R20 well, but when I opened the workbench the program showed me a license pool error.

      I have searched through this forum and I found a thousand of solutions, and I tried all of them.

      But now, I think I have discovered my problem.

      I opened cmd and typed the command to verify my student license and the response was denied then, in the forum that I got this procedure the guy said that Windows files with a future date cause the ansys block.

      I have many files with dates like 2090's , including system files that I cant delete, and I dont know why. I have an original system, my drivers are updated and my antivirus works fine (and my computer is clean).

      So, what can I do? Does exist something to solve this problem?


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      sorry, that mechanism to check for files in the future date is from Flexera company to prevent license files from being exploited.

      I am not sure why your systems have that much files with future date. Your only shot aside from the obvious, reinstall OS, would be to find a tool that can help you modify these files date, or do it manually. If you search online, there are ways to modify file date.

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