ANSYS Electric – Errors during resolution

    • solmyr999

      Hello everyone, first time posting on this forum,

      I am currently learning by myself how to handle ANSYS Workbench for the sake of an internship. I want to simulate a 4 point probe measurement on a 30 microns thin tungsten plate. I have therefore created 4 circular surfaces of 10 microns radius on the surface of my plate using the face split function, made a 1A current enter through the first surface and a 1A current exit through the fourth surface.

      I meshed everything and when I try to solve, I get 3 errors all saying : "solver pivot warning or errors during solving, this can come from a wrongly conditioned matrix, unrealistic material properties, an under constrained model or contact problems".

      It also says that "a pivot error has been detected in the VOLT degrees of freedom of node 963".

      I don't think the issue comes from material properties (I have filled in tungsten's isotropic electrical resistivity) nor contact problems because the 4 surfaces have been created directly on the plate. I don't understand why my model would be under constrained because everything is frozen.

      Please help me solve this issue.

      Thank you in advance.

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