Ansys Electromagnetics Student Release 2022 R2

    • Sam Amad

      Hi there,

      I have installed the student version 2022R2, I'm looking to import/export PCBs on it, to perform EMI analysis on it. The instructions say go to file> import> , but I don't have the option for import under file. Can you please help?

      Another thing I am not sure about is, whether the SIwave is included in this version or not? I was told that it should be included but I'm struggling to find it. Can you please help?

      Many Thanks

    • Jakke Dak


      However, I can bring out the 3D component to a separate file by right clicking the 3D component and “Edit Definition.” This opens a new window with just the 3D component. When running the validate in this vidmate instance.


    • gidenso gidenso

      The Pin Planner supports import and export of assignments with PCB tools and you can export valid assignments as a .pin file for analysis in other supported fnf mods

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