Ansys Electronics Desktop 2022R2 cannot launch in Windows 11


    • Kelvin

      Hello all,

      I'm installing Ansys Electronics Desktop 2022R2 on a Windows 11 Home PC. The installation went through smoothly without any errors, but when I tried to launch Ansys Electronics Desktop, I got the errow as shown in the figure below:Error

      I ran "ConfigureThisMachine.exe" and got the following results, it seemed to be configured correctly without error:


      Additionally, this error only happens when I tried to launch Electronics Desktop and Twin Builder, SIwave and Nuhertz FilterSolutions can launch correctly without any error.

      Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you very much.

      Kelvin Wang


    • Randy Kosarik
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Kelvin,
      I suspect your "My Documents" folder is referencing an incompatible location.
      I have found the best way to change the values is to go to
           Start -> Your Name  (aka open your own personal folder)
           Right Click "My Documents"  -> Properties -> Location
            ref   ansys kb: 2039429
      please try that.
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