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Ansys Electronics: Invalid .SUBCKT format in netlist file

    • Arek


      So my problem is that after creating maxwell 2d design from rmxprt i am getting error "Invalid .SUBCKT format in netlist file".

      Maxwell can not see my circuit when i'am trying to import netlist file in excitations. This appears when, in rmxprt adding in the tab Machine-> Control Type, I choose CCC.

      I tried to solve this problem in various ways, also searching on the Internet, but I could not find anything.

      Could any of you tell me what I did wrong? Below is the layout of my circuit

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Which machine type are you using now? Could you check why you have 3 switch modes and do you use all? Thanks.
      Do you change anything? We should create this external circuit with Maxwell model, no need to import the circuit. Could you run the Maxwell model after generating it?
      Best regards

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