Ansys Electronics Student 2022 – Temperature Field


    • Tuan Nguyen

      Hello dear Ansys-Community,

      I need your help with the Student Version.

      My student task is to explore the contact between male and female parts in a HVDC-connection with following data:

      Voltage: 1.000 V

      Current: 500 A

      Material: Copper


      For the simplicity my object is made of one volumic body and the small area between both bodies has a around 0,021mm². I do expect ohmic loss like in the simulation proven and also a high current density at the smallest area (not shown in these pictures).

      I also need to explore the temperature behaviour on this area. How is it possible to simulate Temperature or the max. possible Current which this connector can withstand.

      In the field overlay is an temperature output possible but I do not get any further information after simulating.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tuan,

      Maxwell alone cannot provide temperature-related information. It will help if you use Maxwell-Icepak simulation to understand the thermal aspects of your design.

      You can go through the below free course on our AIC channel to understand how to perform the simulation.

      ETM Using Ansys Maxwell and Icepak - ANSYS Innovation Courses



    • ZMIRLI kalidod


      why i cannot see the option for insert circuit design?? how to get the circuit design tool?




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