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Ansys Explicit Dynamics results export as 3D animation for post-processing

    • Toms Kaidalovs

      Hello, been recently experimenting with explicit dynamics in ansys, and i wanted to export results to blender for post-proccesing, adding fancier textures, background etc...

      Question being:

      How do I export 3D animation of the solution in Ansys Mechanics Explicit Dynamics to later import it to blender?

      I am not asking about exporting final 3D model of simulation, it's important to repeat that, because 100% of tutorials and threads on internet only refer to that.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Toms Kaidalovs, you use ANSYS ensight to render the animation via ray trace options and material applications, havign to do the blender is tricky as you need to import the adres to vtk, you can use ensight to generate .case which can be imported to to paraview from here you nedd to generate .obj for all the timestrps from paraview with some addons , check the link

      and this apply after you import .case file into paraview 

      Cheers, Ram 


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