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Ansys Explict Dynamics Crashing

    • rodmarti

      Hello Guys,

      I am using Ansys 2019 R2 and most of the times when I use Explicit Dynamics, te Mechanical keeps crashing.

      When I try to open the model afterwards, I face the following error message:


      Any thought?


    • Missy Ji
      Ansys Employee
      Does this happen in other machines, or just a specific machine?
      If this happens to every model, then reset %appdata% might help.  Let's try forcing workbench to create a fresh set of default configurations files the next time it starts again.

      close all Workbench window
      Start > Run > Enter: %APPDATA%
      Select Ok.
      In the Explorer Window that appears, open the Ansys folder...
      Rename the v194 folder to v194_old. (assuming you are using 2019R2.)
    • rodmarti

      It works.

      Someone here already suggested me to do this before.

      However, I didn't use Ansys for a while and when I needed to use again, I needed to create a new appdata folder.


      What really worked was to install the R3 version. In this version my models never crashed.


      Thank you!


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