ANSYS Fluent 18.1 vs 19: Different solutions to exact same model?

    • eufrat

      Hi all,

      I have access to two different ANSYS versions, 18.1 and 19. I often use them parallel to calculate slightly different models at the same time. 

      A few days ago I ran the same exact same model on the two different computers for reasons of comparing the calculation time. One computer has far more power than the other one.

      Well, I encountered that the solutions were not the same. For example computer A diverges at some point, while computer B does not and keeps on calculating. 

      As far as I know, this should be completely impossible. The model is the same, the boundary conditions are the same, so ANSYS should come to ONE solution at computer A and B. Differences in calculation speed might occur, of course.

      Both simulations run in double precision. I built it on Computer A, saved it as a case + data file and copied it on Computer B.

      I am completely confused. This should not be, so maybe some of you have suggestions what the reason might be for this phenomen.

      Thanks in advance,


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Please feel free to create a dedicated thread for your request if you do not receive any answer from eufrat.

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