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    • official_pavan

      I am currently running a validation of a pre-run flow simulation of water in a cross-flow turbine. I have followed all the directions and yet my contours differ from that of the original contours. Can anyone help me in figuring the necessary changes to my setup to get a similar contour?

      I tried replicating the geometry as close as possible to the original one. But I repeatedly encountered "Negative Cell Volume Error". Hence I had to leave a small amount of gap between nozzle, impeller and casing.

      Also, is there a way to keep my entire set-up in air and have the inlet as water? In the current simulation, the entire set-up is already in water-liquid and the inlet velocity is 3.15 m/s.

      This is my simulation:

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please upload images using upload image functionality. nIs it 2D or 3D? Are you using sliding mesh? nPlease cross check geometry dimensions. Make sure that the initial mesh has good quality. Please cross check boundary conditions and model used. nRegards,nKeyurnHow to access Ansys Online Help DocumentnHow to show full resolution imagenGuidelines on the Student CommunitynHow to use Google to search within Ansys Student Communityn
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Check the mesh interface setting and that you have got an interface where the turbine & casing meet if you're using mesh motion. It's hard to generate negative volume cells in the meshing tools, but far easier to break the mesh in Fluent using the wrong combination of mesh motion options & boundary conditions. n
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