Ansys Fluent Conjugate Heat Transfer


    • kumarbabu

      hello ,As i am interested in solving the Multi layered hollow cylinder (2 layers)Conjugate Heat transfer Analysis.As i generate the geometry and made them by sharing the topology .when i am doing the face sizing meshing it gives an error saying that 'The selective body meshing is not being recorded, so the meshing may not be persistent on an update. If you want to record the order of the body meshing, please use the Mesh Worksheet to track the meshing steps. Please see Selective Meshing documentation for more detail'. How can we resolve it ?

      where can i enter the convection and heat generate and temperature in order to find out the inner wall temperature on fluid solid interface and heat flux ?.

      by doing the share topology i have no connections ?

      when i am not done with the share topology i have two connections i.e. fluid solid interface and solid solid interface

      when i open the boundary conditions in which part .i.e. source term or target term on which part can i have entered values ?

      can anyone please help me ??? Thank you in advance !!!!

    • Karthik R
      Hello Share topology is good.
      Instead of face sizing, you can try body sizing. Even here, since the faces are shared, you might want to specify similar resolution in both layers.
      If you are simulating a CHT problem, unless you are talking about specifying external convection (on the Fluid boundary), you don't need to specify the convection boundary condition. Fluent will estimate this information from the flow and HT solution.
      Regarding heat gen, you will need to volumetric heat source under cell-zone conditions.
      There are several AIC courses on Heat Transfer in Fluids. There are several simulation examples in this learning track. I'd strongly recommend that you download these files, and learn to set them up by following the set-up videos. These are free courses and you should be able to learn more about CHT simulations here.
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