ANSYS FLUENT: DPM Simulation – Wall Impingement Pressure

    • unicrey

      Hi everyone, I am doing a spray simulation with DPM. After getting the flow with VOF, I am injecting particles at breakup length. Those droplets go and hit a plate. I am trying to compare the pressure on the wall with experimental results.

      I am using the default static pressure calculation at the wall in FLUENT. Does this take into account for the pressure exerted by droplets impinging on the wall?

      My calculated values are around 10 Pa and experimental values are around 20000 Pa. So there is something really wrong going on. Either its my droplet size and number or the way I am calculating the pressure.

      Would anyone like to suggest a better method for calculation of pressure exerted by the droplets on the wall?

      Note: I am assuming that after breakup of the initial spray only droplets exist. Do I also need to enter a water inlet along with the droplets?

      Attached images of the particle tracks and pressure distribution on the plate after 700 iterations with a time step of 0.0004 sec.

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