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    • ovm0002


      I am running a 2D simulation which comprises of an air layer on top of a PCM layer with three water inlets at the top.When the simulation starts, the water comes in to melt the PCM. I want to calculate the enthalpy of the PCM when it starts to melt but the value I am getting from ANSYS is wrong, it is too high because the enthalpy comprises of the latent heat and the sensible heat, but the sensible heat is higher than the latent heat which doesn't make sense. I am using mass integral of enthalpy to find it. How can I find the accurate value of the enthalpy in FLUENT. The current value I am getting is very high and wrong.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The value you're getting is probably correct (assuming you have a well set up & converged solution), but you may be misreading the value. The solid has an enthalpy of formation value, and the melting heat is in addition to that. Assuming there is no chemistry the value of the formation enthalpy doesn't really matter. 

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