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ANSYS Fluent FW-H Acoustic Analysis

    • boonthiam13

      Hi, I am doing acoustic FW-H analysis on a 2 model, basically to examine the noise generated due interaction of the fluid flow and the solid circular boundary. Refer to the picture below, if I have the receiver positioned outside the water domain, what medium (air or water?) would the Fluent assign outside the water domain we specified? And what value of reference acoustic pressure should I use in the FW-H acoustics model? Much appreciate! 

    • Supreetha J


      The default material is air and you need to change it to water. Outside domain depends on what we define in FW-H properties. In water, the common reference pressure used is 1 micropascal, while for air it is 20 micropascal. 
      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.

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