Ansys fluent latent heat boundary condition help

    • Rajasekhar

      Hello All,



      i am currently working on thermal comfort simulation for a room. attaching the image along this thread.


      as per the image there is a person sitting in the center of the room. i am assuming sensible gain as 75 w/person and latent gain as 55 w/person. now i confused with the following options.


      option 1: add the sensible and latent heat gain from the person and divide the approximate area so the final input from the human surface is in w/m2. this w/m2 load is added as the surface load in the ansys fluent.


      along with this if i have the drybulb temperature and relative humidity, i can use the following link (http://www.sugartech.co.za/psychro/index.php) and get the humidity ratio in kg/kg which i can define on the surfaces.



      option 2: simply divide the sensible heat load (75 w/person) with person area. hence input this sensible load/area = x w/m2 on the surface of human and convert the latent heat load into humidity ratio and enter this humidity ratio in the fluent.


      will anyone please suggest if any of these options are correct.


      if not will anyone please suggest the possible way to define the total load and humidity ratio in the fluent.


      total load= sensible + latent heat load.




    • Rajasekhar

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It depends. 

      If you look at the large room and the person is small in comparison then use a volume source term(second option).  If you want to really see the flow around the person you'll need to model the body shape and resolve the mesh: use the first option you suggested.  I've used both, so it's all down to what you want to do/see.

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