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ANSYS Fluent modelling of PCM-gypsum board melting and solidification

    • mamatniyaz003

      Hi, I would like to model the melting and solidification process of PCM-gypsum board ( made of multi-finished gypsum and phase change material (PCM)), and I am working the system (as attached) where the absorber plate is heated up by solar energy and the air go through the inlet to the plenum and then will be delivered at the outlet, meanwhile, PCM-gypsum board would store a certain amount of energy. 

      currently, I would like to model this whole system to see how the inlet airflow would affect the melting/solidification process of PCM-gypsum board, would you please help me on this in terms of geometry, model choosing (should I choose multiphase or melting and solidification), boundary conditions (how should I set them in terms of material selection), for fluid zone ( can I choose both air and PCM),

      do you guys have any idea??

      Thank you so much 

      Kind regards 




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      First off work through the engineering physics of what's going to happen. Break it down into pieces, and decide what's linked and important. Then look at how (and what) Fluent does and the models available. 


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