Ansys Fluent: “Pressure information is not available at the boundaries”

    • Fabian Dillenhöfer

      During initialization the message appears: "Pressure information is not available at the boundaries", although I use a pressure outlet.

      Case: Flowsimulation in a nozzle with a rod:


      (inlet on the left side)


      • pressure-based
      • steady
      • laminar
      • material: at least constant density (1010 kg/m^3) and viscosity (1000 kg/ms)
      • without energy equation
      • velocity inlet; v = 0,01364 m/s
      • pressure outlet: 0 Pa
      • stationary walls (no slip)
      • reference values: from inlet
      • solution methods: default
      • solution controls: default


      Are the residuals low enough? It does not seem converged to me..

      Why does fluent say: "pressure information is not available at the boundaries"?

      I started with a simple case and wanted to expand it little by little, but it does not seem to run properly yet.

      Does anyone have an idea?

      Thanks so far!!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee


      There are some warning at the initialisation stage depending on what boundary conditions are set. If you plot contours on the domain, and a few planes how does the flow field look?

      Note, I can't read the residual plot so don't know what sort of values you're seeing. 


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