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ANSYS fluent retrieving geometry file??

    • emmaneale


      So i have set up a ansys workbench and input a geometry file from solid works. I now cannot find the original .sldprt file, but i KNOW the geometry is inside the ansys workbench. Is there anyway i can export the geometry from it so i don't have to go through trying to re-create it in solid works again? 



    • Karthik R

      If it is a 3D geometry, you should be able to extract the mesh file. Unfortunately, the geometry file cannot be obtained from the Fluent case file.



    • Kalyan Goparaju
      Ansys Employee

      If you turn on the Files pane (View->Files), you will see the name and type of file, the IDs of the cells the file is associated with, the size of the file, the location of the file, and other information. Using this, you should be able to track your geometry file that was already read into Workbench.




    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      When you say 'inside ansys workbench' - do you mean you have geometry in Design Modeler or SpacClaim. If so then you can export the geometry format from them. 

      If you have only case file then - read case file in Fluent Meshing. Clear mesh using Mesh --> Clear. 

      Then write .msh file. 

      Read this .msh file in SpacClaim. 

      Use reverse engineering tools to create geometry. 




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