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Ansys Fluent SpaceClaim –> how to fix Bad Faces/corrupt rendering?

    • Shahbazsyed

      Hey guys,

      I am checking for bad faces and I found some areas. It apparently has something to do with corrupt rendering. How do I fix this on my Geometry? what am I supposed to do?


      Thank You.

    • FrankD
      Ansys Employee


      This is my favorite type of post. Post a picture so the community can help. 


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      You can delete faces and recreate them using different options in SpaceClaim. 

      Can you pleas insert some images here. As ANSYS employee, we can not download attachments. 



    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      Adding to above, we have some tips and tricks on cleaning of geometry in the given link. Please go through the link and it may help you out.



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