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Ansys fluent , Thermal Electric and System coupling

    • Byron Castillo

      I am working with Ansys Fluent and Thermal Electrical. The system simulates a thermoelectric Air conditioner. The cold surface of the thermoelectric cooler is placed under the fins. However, I cannot run the system coupling, I am using Heat flow and temperature as interaction variables . Any suggestion? The solver does not run, it is stuck awaiting for communication. Please, help me

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali


      can you show a screenshot of the error that you get?

    • RM
      Ansys Employee


      You can try following workarounds:
      1. More number of cores allocated to participants than are available on the machine.

      2. Also check if licenses are not available for coupling participants involved.

      3. Thermal electric might have been getting initialization from a leftover Fluent .dat file. Try by clearing the results and running again. 

      Hope this helps!

    • Byron Castillo

      It kind of help! 

      Now is always running. I have to reset System Coupling every time that I run a simulation. 

      Nevertheless, I am getting a 0 K temperature which is impossible. 

      This system is an A/C system that uses a Peltier Cell to change the temperature of the air. Peltier cell is located between two air channels. 

      I am wondering, what is the best way to simulate it? 

      Currently, I am using Thermal-Electric for the Peltier Module and Fluent for the air and the fins. 

      The variables that interact between Fluent and Thermal-Electric are Heat Flow and Temperature







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