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Ansys Fluent Working Very Slow.

    • Ahmed

      I recently downloaded Ansys Student 18.2 . I have been solving very basic fluid dynamics problems which may require 200 or 300 iterations at most to converge to the desired tolerance. However , my Ansys fluent software is working very slowly and is taking a lot of time to do the iterations. For instance to do 300 iterations it took close to one hour. My laptop has  Intel Core i5 -2430M with 8GB Ram. A friend of mine who has the same processor on his laptop did the same problem on Ansys.  He was able to do 300 iterations in 7.111s. 

      I would also like to mention that once when I started my laptop and opened Ansys Fluent; it worked properly. It performed all the solutions in a matter of seconds. However this was a one time occurrence; when I restarted my laptop ; Ansys Fluent went back to performing slowly.


      I would be really grateful if someone could look into this matter.


      Thank you. 

    • Raef.Kobeissi
      Hello 300 iteration within 7 seconds under the specs you mentioned sounds impossible to me even if the model was 2D. Could you please provide a description of the model you were running.
      I believe if the number of elelments is high in your model, an hour would make sense for 300 iterations on a PC similar to what you’ve described.
    • Ahmed

      Thanks for your response. 

      I was running a simulation on a 2-D model with 4000 cells.I was simulating laminar flow in a channel. Since I just started using Ansys I mainly used default settings for all other other parameters except I just altered the inlet velocity magnitude. My tolerance specification was 10^-5 for velocity and momentum equations. My PC has Intel Core i5 -2430M with 8GB Ram and with in built graphic card ; Intel HD Graphics 3000.

      Let me know if you any need any further information. Thanks.

    • Ahmed


      I restarted my Laptop and opened Ansys Fluent. it worked properly this time. I performed 1000 iterations in 27 seconds. Later, I restarted my laptop and opened Ansys Fluent again and it went back to performing slowly. However this time I copied the messages that appeared in the console tab in both slow and fast cases. All the messages were same except the following.

      Slow Case:

      Multicore SMT processors detected. Processor affinity set!


      Fast Case:


      DESKTOP-621A36I is already loaded (23.9042%). Process affinity not being set.


      I hope this helps you with your diagnosis. 


      Thank you


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