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      Hello team. I am Kelvin Koech, a student studying aeronautical engineering. I am working on a project dealing with compound engines; integrating piston engine system and turbine assembly to the exhaust system. I am looking at the aerodynamics and structural implications of the design. My question is; is it possible to integrate the Ansys Forte CFD simulation with the Ansys CFX/Fluent simulation, so that the effects of piston engine pulsation is fully captured? I will appreciate any help or guide on how to work on this. Thank you in advance

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      You may want to explore Ansys System Coupling: Ansys Product Help

      Also, check the participant support and the transferable quantities here: Participant Support of System Coupling Capabilities (ansys.com)


      If you are not able to access the above links, refer to this forum discussion: How to access the ANSYS Online Help




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