Ansys forte: Piston boundary missing value

    • ArunTeja

      Dear fellow members,

      I tried to run the diesel sector mesh simulation in ANSYS forte by carefully following the instructions from the tutorial manual. 

      When I tried to run the simulation the following error is coming as

      Update failed due to Physics validation errors:
      Initial Conditions->Region 1 Initialization (Main)->Velocity->Velocity: Piston Boundary is missing value

      I went into Region 1 initializaton section and tried to resolve the error in the piston boundary section (please view in the attached image), I am not sure which one to select as the tutorial manual has not provided information related to this step. Can you please suggest which option I need to select to run the simulation.

      Thank you




    • RK
      Ansys Employee


      The error message says that the input value for the boundary is missing. I would suggest to please go over the boundary values from the tutuorial. You can also use the ftsim file for reference. 

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