Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

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Ansys Gateway powered by AWS – Express Setup Overview and Prerequisites

    • Krishna Samavedam
      Ansys Employee

      / Introduction

      To enable your company to access Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources via Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, you must complete a setup process. This is automatically launched on the screen when you subscribe to Ansys Gateway powered by AWS. There are two options available for setting up Ansys Gateway powered by AWS: Express and Manual. Ansys recommends Express setup as it requires minimal IT expertise and configuration. Manual setup is only needed if you want to integrate Active Directory with Ansys Gateway powered by AWS. To perform the setup, you must have an Ansys ID. For more information about Ansys ID see the Ansys Account Management guide or the Ansys Sign-In Help. To prepare for connecting to Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, ensure that you meet the prerequisites for your desired setup method.

      This article refers to Express Setup, For Manual Setup, please see: Ansys Gateway powered by AWS – Manual Setup Overview and Prerequisites
      / Overview of Express Setup Overview and Prerequisites

      / How Ansys Gateway powered by AWS works

      Here is an overview of how everything connects and works together.

      / Prerequisites

      This setup process is configured for customers with a single domain only. If your email/authentication/Active Directory domains are different from your main company domain, please contact Ansys support. This guide assumes that you have the following already set up:

      / Prepare your AWS environment

      To prepare for connecting to Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, you must have the following set up in AWS:

      1. AWS Administrator who is running Express setup should have full administrative privileges to run AWS Cloud Formation Template (AWSCloudFormationFullAccess policy) on their AWS account. During Express setup, AWS Administrator will be asked to run an AWS Cloud Formation Template which provides a shared access role with following policies to Ansys Gateway by AWS and a default VPC will be created in the selected region.

      1. AmazonEC2FullAccess

      2. ServiceQuotasFullAccess

      3. AWSPriceListServiceFullAccess

      4. AmazonVPCFullAccess

      5. AWSCloudFormationFullAccess

      / Post-Setup

      / Add additional VPCs (optional)

      If you want additional Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) beyond the default VPC created by the setup, ensure that there is a VPC for each region in which you want to use Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.

      A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a pool of shared resources allocated within AWS Cloud. Each VPC is associated with a specific region. This determines the AWS data center that will provision the resources. Learn more about Amazon VPC.

      Requirements for each VPC:

      · From the VPC to the Internet:


      Port 443 outbound to enable communication to the Ansys Gateway powered by AWS Control Plane and the virtual machines


      Port 22 inbound and port 443 inbound to facilitate connections to the virtual machines


      From the VPC to another VPC:


      Port 445 inbound/outbound [Optional for SMB Connectivity]

      · At least one subnet


      DNS connectivity

      · AWS EC2 Service Quotas for provisioning instances in the associated region

      Connect your local network and AWS environment If your Ansys license server is located on a local network, ensure that a connection is established between the local network and the default VPC created by the setup as well as any additional VPCs that you have created. There must be a secure and private connection between your local network and the AWS Virtual Private Cloud. AWS recommends site-to-site VPN or Client VPN. Learn more about Amazon Virtual Private Network.

    • Masataka Nakamura
      Ansys Employee

      / Express onboarding limitations

      Limitation 1:

      • If an AWS account has a non-default region enabled, Express setup will fail. To see which regions are enabled by default, go to the Regions and endpoints table in the AWS documentation and review the ‘Active by default’ column. (871255)

      Limitation 2:

      • When Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is set up using the Express setup option, a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)/subnet is created in every region. The intended behavior is to only create a VPC/subnet in the region selected during setup. (863830)
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