ANSYS getting no where with wind loading problem – where can I turn?

    • JollyRoger

      I have spent days now trying to get ANSYS to do a simple wind loading calculation (something that took me half an hour in Solidworks) and spent a crazy amount on freelancers who in the end were not able to help. I have a very straightforward problem. I have a large, unsymmetrical antenna and I need to find how much torque is developed around the rotation point for a certain wind speed and heading. 

      Solidworks has provided me with torque values without any fuss, however our work uses ANSYS so I need to validate the answers with ANSYS. I have followed this video to try and get the fluid flow analysis results to tie into the structural analysis:


      I have tried to run it over and over, but it always fails at the end citing a litany of un-helpful errors. I really need to finish this analysis and I don't know what else I can do. Are there any ANSYS experts on here who would be interested in some paid work to help me out on it? The file is too big to upload so I have put it on my Dropbox:


    • Karthik R


      I'm sorry that your simulation runs are always failing. It would be really helpful if you can post screenshots of your error messages. We might be able to have a look at them and provide you with some direction. You also might want to elaborate a little more on your fluid and structural boundary conditions you are using for your model. This would also be helpful in debugging your model.

      Looking forward to your replies.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


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