ANSYS gives different results for every identical simulation

    • sdeb31

      I am trying to solve the generic transport equation

      for diffusion only. I made a UDF for the diffusion. This is a four-sided geometry.


      #include "udf.h"

      #include "mem.h"

      DEFINE_DIFFUSIVITY(magfun, c, t, i)


      real diff;

      diff = -1/(NV_MAG(C_UDSI_G(c,t,0))+0.000000001);

      return diff;


      which I used in material properties of the fluid. I also have a source term which I used in cell zone conditions. When I run the simulation, not only do I get different answer each time I run the simulation, none of the results match what I should be getting.

      When I save and close the file, and reopen it, I get this error

      Can anyone help me out?

    • Luca

      I am new in this field, but a reasonable question could be: How much nodes has your mesh? Different results from the same simulation could come from a dipendence with the mesh. Try to refine your mesh and restart your job. (I had the same problem, without the error, and i solved it only refining the mesh).

      I hope this could help you!


    • Raef.Kobeissi
      Hello I agree with Luca, any simple change in your setup, mesh, or even model will give you a different result.
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