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Ansys HFSS HPC file system requirements.

    • karagol

      I am a system administrator and we have HPC system with Lustre file system. We have installed latest HFSS version and configured SLURM integration. While users are running HFSS on more than 10 compute nodes, our Lustre file system is getting slow.

      What is the iops requirement for HFSS. Which parameters affects iops? Number of nodes, number of tasks or any hfss command line parameters?

      Is it possible to solve big calculations with less number of compute nodes? Is it posible to limit iops?

    • Randy Kosarik
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Karagol Are you attempting to use the Lustre FS as a temp directory?
      ANSYS recommends the temp directory (as specified in /path/AnsysEMxx.x/Linux64/config/default.cfg) to be a local storage device on the compute node.
      The recommended free space to be 1-2x amount of system RAM.
    • karagol
      Hi Randy;
      Yes we are using Lustre FS as a temp directory. I think AnsysEM running on differend compute nodes must share a common /scratch directory. Is it correct?
      If each AnsysEM use nonshared /tmp, does it create any problem?
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