ANSYS (HFSS) results do not match CST

    • asimghalib

      Dear Ansys community,

      I have created a design in CST, and the design is working fine giving me a wideband matching. The design was imported through step file (importing method) and re-simulated in ANSYS. The design is giving me a narrow bandwidth. What can be the possible cause for it?

      Please note that both CST and ANSYS are using waveport for simulation. The material properties are taken exactly same in both the simulation environment. Adaptive meshing was performed in CST and the results were normalized to 50 ohm. In ANSYS, convergence of the simulation was also achieved and different solution types (interpolation, fast and discrete method) were checked. Please also note that different boundary conditions (PML and radiation) were checked in ANSYS and the simulation was also checked with the lumped port simulation, but for all cases the results of ANSYS are not matching with CST. Similarly we also checked discrete port simulation in CST as well and the results are not matching with the ANSYS. Furthermore, the geometry is simple but I performed geometry healing in ANSYS and got no issue at all. At the end we also checked the importing of design through .sat file transformation, but still we are facing the same problem.

      What could be the possible cause of this difference in the results?

    • asimghalib

      I have also uploaded the simulation files.

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee


      As an Ansys employee, I am not able to download any simulation files from the community. Please use the 'Insert Image' option to embed images directly into your post.

      Can you please share the result plot from HFSS? I would like to know about the solution type and solution setup, please share respective screenshots.


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