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Ansys Insight: Custom TFSF source

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      This example shows how to create a customized TFSF source with focused beam for analysis of nano particle scattering and compare the result with regular TFSF source. The TFSF source uses plane wave, and has a built-in reference, which makes the simulation very effective. In some cases, users may want to test some other forms of beam sources in order to explore possibly new properties. This example uses the fundamental idea of TFSF, that is, the differential method for illustration.

      Customizing a TFSF source is an advanced feature. In the vast majority of simulations, the plane wave TFSF is sufficient to analyze the scattering of a nano scatter. This is true even when in experiment a Gaussian beam or a NA focus beam is used where the illumination on the particle is almost uniform. Only in the cases where a very large numerical aperture (NA) beam is used, or a beam with specialized polarization form is used, may the custom TFSF be used.

      This approach can be used for FDTD and VarFDTD.
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