Ansys Insight: Importing arbitrary dispersive models

    • Shin-Sung Kim
      Ansys Employee

      This post describes how to implement dispersive models not directly supported by Lumerical Solutions. This example shows how you might create a Plasma + Lorentz model.

      One option is to use the Analytic material model, which requires an analytic function to define the refractive index. The second option, which we will consider here, is to evaluate the function with some other tool (eg. MATLAB) and use the Sampled data material model.

      Create the dispersive model data

      The following provides an example of how this can be done. This script function outputs the n,k values from a combined Plasma + Lorentz model to create a new material in the Material database. The script automatically creates the material with n,k data loaded in. Users can choose to export the data to a text file and load it back in using the Sampled data, but this procedure might introduce numerical precision problems.

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