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Ansys Insight: Multithreading in Lumerical Multiphysics solvers

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee

      Setting the cores to use when running Lumerical Multiphysics simulations. By default, Multiphysics solvers; CHARGE, HEAT, FEEM, DGTD and MQW will run the simulation job using all available cores/threads on your machine. The core count can be changed in your simulation.

      • Open your project/simulation file.
      • Select the "Solver and Edit object".
      • Navigate to the Advanced tab.
      • From the multithreading drop down option, choose 'set thread count'.
      • Enter the number of threads or use the up/down arrow to change the number.

      See also: Lumerical solver, accelerator and Ansys HPC license consumption

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