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Ansys Insight: Simulating hollow or coated objects with mesh order

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      The simplest way to generate a hollow object or an object with a coated core (core-shell) is to add two solid concentric objects which overlap in the central region, and set the mesh order of the objects appropriately.

      The mesh order is a property which can either be set from the material database, or in the object properties. In regions where several objects overlap, the material with a smaller mesh order number will take priority. For more information about setting the mesh order property, see this page:

      A common example is a coated spherical nanoparticle. To create this, you can add two concentric sphere objects centered at the same location. If the core object with a smaller radius has a mesh order of 1, and the coating object with a larger radius has the default mesh order of 2, then the core material will included in the simulation.

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