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Discovery Import

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    • k.katayama

      On the ANSYS Discovery Enterprise Installation Instructins, it says that A R19.0 or newer ANSYS License Server is required. Does that mean I must have a dedicated servere for license management? Or there is a sever somewhere, and I just need to install ANSYS Licese Manager?

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Kohei

      You need not necessarily have a dedicated server as it is only required for cases where the license is expected to be floated across various machines. For such cases , all licenses are hosted on a server machine using a license manager and the machine on which Discovery is installed, can then connect to the server using hostname.

      But, it seems for your requirement, you just need to install License Manager on your machine and add the license key to it.

      I hope the explanation helps. Please let me know if you face any hurdle.

      Thanks & Regards,


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