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Ansys Licensing trouble – server license not working

    • jdes0002


      I have been trying to install Ansys 2020R1 and I have been able to get everything 'working' but the license server is not starting at all. I have been told by my university that i must specify a network license during setup. I have followed their provided instructions and have set up the required network VPN, but alas whenever i try to run Ansys workbench it times out as it cannot connect to the license server. The server manager also indicated that the license interconnect is not running, the license interconnect monitor is not running and the FlexNet licensing is also not running.

      I get this error when trying to start the license manager:

      2021/03/17 10:11:47: Attempting to start the license manager...

      2021/03/17 10:11:47: The required license file was not found in: F:ANSYS_2020R1Shared FilesLicensinglicense_files

      i have attached everything i thought could be of help to try and solve this problem. If anything else needs to be provided let me know.

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      You do not need to run the license manager on your local machine, the license is running on the campus license server. Please open the CLIENT ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility, not the SERVER ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility, and go to 'View Status/Diagnostic Options' -> 'Display the License Status' and send the COMPLETE output.n
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