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    • Sidharth Mahesh

      I have a doubt regarding how to choose a unit cell for RVE in material designer ?  I saw that the orthotropic properties are changing w.r.t the chosen volume.

      • I have a lamination stack which consists of 400 numbers of 0.355mm laminations (out of which 0.343mm is steel and 0.006mm is backlack coating - epoxy per side).
      • I would like to calculate the combined orthotropic property of the rotor stack.
      • I chose a RVE of 0.343mm steel and 0.006mm backlack epoxy per side and did the simulation to get the properties but it is not matching when I change the volume. I hope since it is a material property it shouldn't change but its changing when i change the volume and its not matching with hand calculations (based on analytical equations).
      • How to find out the exact unit cell ?

      Kindly guide me in this aspect

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Perhaps you are exceeding the limitation of homogenization approach.  Have you reviewed Section 3.1 of the Material Designer Theory Manual?  Can you arrive at a correct result with a simpler example?

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